What we offer at BDMA

by Becky

We want to take this opportunity to let you know what we offer alongside your practical music lessons, because actually, it’s quite a lot!

So, what else does BDMA offer?

Scholarship Audition Prep

We know a lot of our students want to use music to achieve scholarships when starting at new schools. We are happy to help with this preparation with extra lessons to cover the requirements for the audition and to go through good audition technique.

Aural and Musical Knowledge

When preparing for an exam, there are so many different aspects that make up the whole thing. It’s not just about knowing the pieces but the aural and musical knowledge that needs learning too. We offer extra lessons to cover these areas in more detail.


Similarly, understanding theory is really important, not just to progress to higher exams (you need to pass Grade 5 theory to move to a Grade 6 practical exam) but to have a broader musical knowledge. We have many tutors that are happy to teach your child theory alongside their practical lessons. Especially when moving into higher grades, we offer tuition to prepare for the Grade 5 theory exam.

GCSE/A Level Support Lessons

Sometimes moving up to GCSE or A Level music can feel like quite a big step. Suddenly students have to start studying music in more detail, begin composing and performing more difficult pieces. We can provide extra lessons that can support the work done in schools so students feel more confident with their progression.


These lessons are at the standard rates for London and Manchester. All of the above lessons can be bought as one off lessons or in blocks of 5 lessons, invoiced separately to your regular standing order. We are also happy to teach in small groups, so you can team up with a friend!


Band Coaching 

This is now offered in both London AND Manchester. All the details for this are on the band coaching section of our website. Click here for more details.

Songwriting Courses (Manchester only)

We have just launched a brand new Songwriting course in Manchester – write a song in just four lessons with one of our rock star tutors! We are running this as an offer of 4 lessons for £79. Contact Jess for more info: 07840 243 478