If you are looking to buy or hire a new instrument, it’s always a good idea to support local music shops – you can go in and try out the instruments, which is loads of fun, plus it’s great to support hard working independent retailers!Saying this, eBay can be a great place for second hand starter instruments.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite music shops here to make the choice easier for you.


All clients: Coach House PianosRobert Morley & Co.Steinway & Sons and Yamaha (formerly Chappell of Bond Street).

Becky has developed a professional relationship with Coach House Piano’s over many years and has bought her own and many of her client’s pianos from them.

She has a lot of handy tips and know how when it comes to buying pianos and is always happy to chat.

You can spend anywhere from £1,500 – £20,000 on a new piano (or if you win the lottery then go ahead and buy a £70,000 Steinway!) and Becky is happy to come along and play the pianos to help you choose the correct instrument for you.

Here are the numbers of two piano removal companies that we can recommend – always useful to have in the phone book.

G & R Piano Removals – 020 8994 9733 (more expensive and therefore better suited to more expensive pianos.)

Matco Piano Transport – 020 7281 9555

Manchester: For our Manchester clients, we luckily have two big music shops in the center of the city. Forsyths is particularly good for pianos (either grand, upright or electric) and has a large amount of sheet music for all instruments. You can go and have a play on the pianos to discover which one you like!


London: If you’re looking for a local guitar retailer, you could try Greenwich Guitars, – they’re fairly priced and are located on Greenwich South Street so are easy to get to. However, we recommend that if you’re looking for a good selection of guitars, take a trip to Denmark Street in Soho where you will find five or six guitar shops all within less than a minute’s walk of each other. All provide a friendly, professional service and really know their stuff! We recommend No.Tom Vintage and Classic Guitars – the shop has a great atmosphere and a brilliant selection of unique instruments for guitarists of all levels.

Another top choice is the Tune Inn in Hither Green and comes highly recommended by our guitar tutor and band coach Ron!

Manchester: PMT, Salford  – this is near to Worsley, in Salford and it was recommended by our guitar teacher Sam. PMT also sell keyboards and drums etc. Sam also recommends Forsyths for guitars.


London: Looking for a Ukulele? Look no further than Duke of Uke, a quirky Ukulele and Banjo shop in Shoreditch. They have a wide variety of instruments and also sell a great range of unique vintage Ukes. For something a little more unique you can get an alternative Ukulele or guitar (like Becky’s Oxolele) from Spatchcock and Wurzil.


All clients: Drum tutor Harry Pope, belongs to a group of professional drummers that are selling second hand drum kits. Please contact Becky for more information and she will put you in touch with him.


All clients: If you’re looking for a saxophone, check out past tutor Steph Legg’s recommendation, UK Sax Hire. The business is run by a saxophonist called Richard who is passionate about inspiring people to learn and enjoy the saxophone. You can rent a saxophone, cornet, flute, clarinet or oboe from UK Sax Hire and should you choose to buy the instrument, all of the rent money you have payed goes towards the total price for the instrument. You can also choose to put the money towards a different instrument if you wish to change, so you can’t go wrong!



All Clients: Reeds Direct is a fantastic place to order cheaper boxes of clarinet and saxophone reeds – you can also buy in bulk for an even better price. They stock all brands of reeds, the best being Vandoren and Rico. There are also accessories such as neck straps, thumb rest covers and mouthpiece protectors to fit all the different sizes of clarinets and saxophones.


All clients: Musicroom

For music stands, sheet music, tuners, metronomes and classic metronomes, new strings, and everything else a musician could ask for, have a browse on the Musicroom website. If you are looking for it, they will have it. They have a wide variety of great quality products, many designed to be fun and child friendly.