Alumni and Student Successes

We are very proud of the service we offer here at the Becky Dell Music Academy but you don’t need to hear that from us – here are some testimonials from some of our wonderful alumni students!


Anna Foley, BDMA Alumni

Here is BDMA Alumni Anna Foley talking about her experience of exams, from her very first to walking out of her final Grade 7 exam with us with a distinction.


Elena Storey, BDMA Alumni

“I was lucky enough to be taught by Becky from the age of 7 and she fostered and encouraged my love of piano music over the 11 years that I continued to learn from her. She has always made the lessons fun and I enjoyed it so much so that, despite being at university now, I still play as much as possible. The most memorable moment has to be making a video together of a T-Rex discovering a piano and playing the theme to Jurassic Park, performed and recorded by myself wearing an inflatable dinosaur suit!”


Olivia Woolcott, BDMA Alumni

“From spending 13-14 years in the academy, I acquired the skill of how to be able to play piano and now I am able to read music from any piece of music. I had an amazing tutor who taught me from the beginning of my time to the very end and who also provided the best support she could through exam seasons.

Becky would always come eager and full of enthusiasm and would always ensure that if there were some problems, she would find a solution. She also made sure that we had fun. Becky also taught me how to have confidence in what I was doing and without her influence I don’t think I would be the person I am today. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would recommend anyone to have a go.”


Success Stories

We couldn’t be prouder than when our students take what they’ve learned and go on to show the world what they’ve got. From brilliant exam results to music scholarships to bagging roles in West End shows (yes, that’s right!), our students always do us proud.

Mabel, BDMA Alumni

Mabel, one of Becky’s ex pupils, is now embarking on an exciting musical career with the band Gold Fir – they have been played on Radio 1 and have a great single, “Night Walk”, available to listen to now!

Check it out below:

Find it on Bandcamp by clicking here or listen on Spotify by clicking here.